San Miguel Eskrima

San Miguel Eskrima is one of the major systems of eskrima, a martial arts from the Philippines. Founded by Filemon "Momoy" Cañete of the Doce Pares Club, SME served as vehicle for his own personal expression of the art and methodology of the club of which he was a co-founder and instructor. The name San Miguel (or Saint Michael) is taken from Michael (archangel), the slayer of Satan, and is one of the major strikes used in Eskrima (From right shoulder to left hip).
San Miguel Eskrima is blade-based martial art system wherein various weapons are used as a primary training tools to teach universally transferable skills. In San Miguel Eskrima special emphasis is placed on training with the espada y daga (sword and dagger).

Training with Weapons and Empty Hand

The system encompasses single and double stick, dagger, long blade, bullwhip, as well as non-weapon, empty hand areas such as striking, elbows, takedowns, chokes, knees and kicks. Like all eskrima systems, San Miguel Eskrima uses the rattan stick as a primary teaching tool in place of other bladed weapons.

San Miguel Eskrima is characterized by constant movement, efficiency and simplicity. Proper and precise body mechanics are emphasized, as do proper striking involving speed and power. Although the system trains with both low stances and stand up stances, the former (low) stances are preferred by SME practitioners for its power and stability.

San Miguel Eskrima is one of the major systems of eskrima, a martial arts from the Philippines.

However, both low and high stances are employed when the situation arises. The system encompasses close quarter (corto) fighting with weapons and empty hands, long range (largo mano) and throws/grappling (dumog).

  • San Miguel Eskrima training is skill based, as opposed to technique based. Constant drilling, and forms are combined with one-on-one touch hands guided sparring with the instructor.

It is for this skill based approach that SME needs to be taught in a more intimate setting between instructor and student or a smaller group where touching hands with an instructor is essential.

It is through this type of interaction that sensitivity is heightened and the instructor "guides" the student. For certain aspects of San Miguel Eskrima such as drills and forms, these aspects of San Miguel Eskrima make it difficult to teach in a large classroom and seminar based environment.

An organization that provides knowledge in San Miguel Eskrima (Doce Pares) under GM Kano Canete, son of Senior Grand Master Filemon " Momoy" Canete.

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